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Westcott Designs is about building relationships. We cultivate those relationships as carefully as we craft your furniture. Sue Bell has established a community of highly skilled individuals who collaborate on every step of production to bring you innovative, custom made, luxury furniture. Here’s how we do it.

Before we begin, each piece of wood is examined with an artist’s eye and a craftsman’s wisdom to identify those with just the right character for the purpose it will serve. If you want to offer your own ideas about tones and colors, we’ll happily work with you. This intimate approach makes every Westcott Designs product an absolutely unique work of art.

You’ll discover that our furniture will elevate any setting you use it in. Sue Bell designs each piece to optimize your space by including multifunctional features—like transforming tables and hidden storage nooks—to make your life easier, less cluttered and more fulfilled.

All of our products are designed and manufactured locally in Boulder, Colorado in cooperation with Pete Dow.  Each piece is the result of collaboration among individuals who bring together years of experience to select the perfect wood, imagine its future shape and bring it into being.

In our efforts to find the most beautiful wood we always maintain our commitment to be environmentally conscientious. We buy exclusively from reputable dealers who in turn work with properly managed tree farms. The decorative spheres you'll find in many of our pieces are from a Costa Rican company. They make wooden jewelry and use the leftover material to carve the spheres. The forest they use is carefully managed to ensure its preservation.

Additionally, all Westcott Designs furniture is built of solid hardwood so it will last for generations with proper care. Pieces with our lacquer finish will withstand years of regular use with little maintenance beyond dusting with a damp rag. Those with an oil finish will slowly evolve as a rich patina develops over time.

At Westcott, our goal is to transform your space with every handcrafted lifestyle piece. We want you to feel the same joy using it as we did in designing and creating it.